Briefing for Teachers

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are North West Science Network events aimed at?

The North West Science Network is aimed at northwest students who are interested in science, with some events open to a range of ages (e.g. Twilight lectures), and some with specific year groups in mind (e.g. the summer residential, aimed at Year 12). Some events, such as Interview Workshops, are intended to be informative for teachers and parents as well as students. Any student of an appropriate age for the event who would enjoy being stretched, challenged and inspired by the dynamic and ever-changing world of scientific research and discovery would be a suitable participant in any of the North West Science Network events.

Are there particular requirements for certain programmes?

The North West Science Network is not aimed at any specific group of students; the only criteria is a genuine interest in science! For sixth form students, this will be evident from their educational choices. There are occasionally requirements for particular events; the summer science school residential, hosted by Corpus Christi Oxford, asks for Year 12s who are studying sciences at A Level to ensure they are able to access the academic content. There are no grade requirements for the vast majority of events, including the residential.

Does content connect to the curriculum?

The content is designed to both complement and extend beyond the national curriculum. The academic tutors involved in the network are happy to explain to teachers where their work links in the curriculum and will highlight such connections to the students where they may not make the connections themselves.

Who can I contact to find out more?

Contact our hubs in the northwest to find out more and be added to our mailing lists: Fiona Burgess at South Cheshire College ( and Rachel Hopkins at Xaverian College Manchester ( Corpus Christi College can be contacted at .